: Call for Book Reviews

The American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-journal (ASAGE) is seeking proposals for book reviews for books published within the last few years.  Send the title, author and date of publication of the book that you would like to review, along with a 100 - 200 word description of why you think this book should be reviewed in ASAGE, and why you are qualified to do the review, to reviews@asage.org.  Proposals for book reviews must be approved by the editor in advance.

Any successful book review will begin with a sympathetic summary of the main discussions and arguments of the book, before launching into a critical perspective on the material. The critical discussion must be civil and should be secondary to a discussion of the content. Reviews should also evaluate the book's potential impact on the field and aid readers in determining a book's usefulness for teaching, particularly for introductory aesthetics classes.

Book reviews must be no more than 1000 words in length and will be reviewed by the editor or book review editor. A maximum of four book reviews will be published per year. The reviewer may not be a student of the author whose book is being reviewed. Book reviewers must acquire their own copy of the volume to be reviewed. Below is a running list of suggested books for review:


John B. Kulvicki, Images (2014)

Dominic McIver Lopes, Beyond Art (2014)

Jennifer A. McMahon, Art and Ethics in a Material World: Kant's Pragmatist Legacy (2014)

Elliot Samuel Paul and Scott Barry Kaufman (eds.), The Philosophy of Creativity: New Essays (2014)

Monique Roelofs, The Cultural Promise of the Aesthetic (2014)

Elisabeth Schellekens and Peter Goldie (eds.), The Aesthetic Mind (2014)



Ritu Bhatt (ed.), Rethinking Aesthetics: The Role of Body in Design (2013)

Peg Zeglin Brand, Beauty Unlimited (2013)

Timothy M. Costelloe, The British Aesthetic Tradition: From Shaftesbury to Wittgenstein (2013)

Jim Cullen, Sensing the Past: Hollywood Stars and Historical Visions (2013)

Stephen Davies, The Artful Species (2013)

Jane Forsey, The Aesthetics of Design (2013)

Christy Mag Uidhir (ed.), Art and Abstract Objects (2013)

George M. Wilson, Seeing Fictions in Films (2013)

Susan Wolf and Christopher Grau (eds.), Understanding Love: Philosophy, Film, and Fiction (2013)



Margaret A. Boden, Creativity and Art: Three Roads to Surprise (2012)

Douglas Burnham and Ole M. Skilleas, The Aesthetics of Wine (2012)

Michael Kelly, A Hunger For Aesthetics: Enacting the Demands of Art (2012)

Aaron Meskin and Roy T. Cook (eds.), The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach (2012)

Donald Preziosi, Donald and Claire Farago, Art Is Not What You Think It Is (2012)


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