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Technology Tricks

by Asd aa (2019-12-31)

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We all know someone who is a "drama queen", turning ordinary circumstances in prize-winning performance of the academy because they complain about their bad luck and how the world is evil, and as they describe to countless tragic results that are bound to happen any minute now.

As for computer problems, I call this technological drama. If you think your computer is for the sole purpose of making your life miserable, you might have the drama of the technology.

Because my friends, family, neighbors, and other knowledge that I see on a regular basis to know that my former career working with computers, they have no problems saying their computer problems.

The three most common kinds of technology drama I hear are computers that have similar characteristics to the man, power interruptions caused by ghosts or computers infected with super-bugs, viruses or other types of critters "bad guys" who are immune to the normal cleaning software programs.

Do not mistake yourself; I love these types of people. For many years, these people are not just my bread and butter, but were also my source of entertainment, bless.

No matter what the problem, it is still surprising that the minute I sat down at the computer of the person to diagnose what the problem was, the computer magically started working (of course, the person drama technology then said the computer was out to make look bad). I've seen it a hundred times and it never gets old!

If you think you suffer from technology drama, here are some tips.

1. Your computer is not human. There are only two times in my life I saw a start thinking of the computer itself; an episode of Bionic Woman and the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Your computer is not out to get you and ruin your life. The problem is most likely that you are doing something wrong. Period.

2. A ghost in the machine is a 1981 album by the band The Police, this is not a real phenomenon. There are cases of abnormal interference, such as solar flares that affect cell phones and thunderstorms burning on a motherboard. But more often than computer problems can usually be cleared by a beautiful and refreshing reboot.

If the computer is to still have a problem after restart, see if it can be reproduced (repeated). Then solve until you find the exact problem or tell your assistant or person supporting virtual technology exactly what you did to create and reproduce the problem. And please stop the drama, the problem can be explained.

3. Prepare. Yes, insects, viruses, and redirects hacks are all very real, but that does not mean your life as you know it is over. Anti-virus, anti-spam blockers, pop-up and spyware ladies can do much, but there may be times when something was downloaded on the computer that is just beyond your expertise to try to resolve.

Back up your computer files frequently. And better yet, burn an image of your entire operating system and boot files on a CD or DVD so that if a total reformatting is necessary, not too will be lost. In addition, for any software that you downloaded from the manufacturer's website, keep track of serial numbers and executable files on a separate disk completely.

4. Get some training. A little training goes a long way. Believe it or not, most software are relative, which means that once you have used a software application that uses a menu bar or a floating toolbar, and almost all other software applications work the same way. For example, if you know how to attach a file by using Yahoo Mail, you can probably learn how to attach a file using Outlook Mail.

Technology Tricks - Today, tutorials and free training programs are all over the Internet and, of course, included in most software applications. Spend time playing with the programs and seeking the help section if you have a problem. You will often find user forums to get answers to your questions.

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