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google drive video player api

by Asd aa (2020-01-03)

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Using limitless storage vicinity on google electricity, teachers can shop their video files; the maximum man or woman record length that may be uploaded to google pressure is five tb. This have to additionally help instructors who have had problems at the identical time as uploading huge size video documents to brightspace d2l. The usage of google strain to shop and percent your video documents has a few blessings:

google transcodes the files for in-browser playback. Google’s non-public video player permits you to study movies proper away from interior google strain with out a need to download it first. If you percent a video document collectively collectively together with your beauty, or shop a video in an present shared beauty folder, your college students can watch the video at once from google pressure. In case you’d need to reference or link to the video that’s saved to your google stress on your d2l course shell, as long as you’ve set the sharing because it should be for the video, your university students can be able to get right of entry to it thru the link. You may furthermore replica and paste this hyperlink into your d2l direction shell (this sincerely also applies to any documents saved on google pressure). Discover extra statistics on embedding video documents saved in google pressure into your d2l path shell. Google allows you to maintain many specific video file formats:
. Webm files (vp8 video codec; vorbis audio codec)
. Mpeg4, 3gpp and mov files - (h264 and mpeg4 video formats; aac audio codec)
. Avi (mjpeg video codec; pcm audio)
. Mpegps (mpeg2 video codec; mp2 audio)
. Wmv
. Flv (adobe - flv1 video codec, mp3 audio)
. Mts

google drive video player api - you may add captions for your movies in google force. For information on how to try this, please go to google’s assist internet site, out of doors hyperlink, opens in new window. College college students moreover advantage through storing their movies in google pressure. By means of the usage of google pressure to keep movies, college students do no longer need to enroll in a 3rd-birthday party software (e. G. Youtube or vimeo). College students can select their level of privateness (which incorporates the functionality to prevent commenters and visitors from downloading their video.) it’s up to the instructor to facilitate the sharing for the class. For class-large sharing, an trainer can:

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