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Symbiosis Online Publishing ,Open Aceess Journal ,Peer Reviewed Articles

by Constance Faison (2020-01-11)


Symbiosis online publishing is a collection of International open access journals that covers all areas of science & technology and management including Clinical, Medical, Engineering, Life Science, Pharma and Business management studies. Symbiosis group strictly follows ICMJE guidelines, policy against plagiarism and all the submitted articles undergo a peer review process thereby providing its readers with high quality research work.


Symbiosis Online Publishing provides access to high quality research works via 60 scientific International journals; all of which are open access journals. Symbiosis online publishing, though being in the budding stage, has already gained a prominent place in the International Journals list, as some of the symbiosis open access journals have received a very good impact factor. The articles published in Symbiosis Open Access Journals (SOJ) are also PubMed indexed. This seems to be a biggest accomplishment within a short span of time. This is because, all the articles submitted to Symbiosis online publishing, follow a proper and t? ch?c team building systematic procedure like double blinded peer review process to accept or reject the articles. This is due to the outcome of the renowned editorial board members and reviewers who do not make any compromise during the review process. SOJ strictly follows a timely publication schedule, which makes an added advantage for the authors to publish articles in a short span of time. Above all, SOJ strictly adheres to the criteria assigned by the ICMJE guidelines. Not contented with these achievements, SOJ, however, is further striving to increase the indexing repositories and the impact factor for t? ch?c team building all its journals.

The main aim of the Symbiosis Online Publishing open access journals is to provide access to all the top tier research works carried out by the eminent scientists world-wide be easily available to read online or download at free of cost. Open access Journals, thus proves to be a pipeline among the research community to explore high quality articles globally.

Being an online publishing journal, all the peer reviewed articles are immediately available in PDF format to read online or download upon acceptance for free of charge for team building the readers. The articles published by Symbiosis online publishing are permanently available as achieves in the journals' website.

Symbiosis online publishing group also has the facility of providing the authors with the coloured reprints of their published articles from any of the Symbiosis Online Publishing Group journals.

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Symbiosis Oline publishing group is an international open access journal ,peer reviewed articles

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