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Bitcoin and Its Bright Future in the World of Money

by Antonio Belstead (2020-01-21)

The sectors ?f th? real economy t?at received ?ur special attention a?e the extraction and collection ?f natural resources, b?th commercial ?nd residential real estate, t?e industrial property market, renewable energy, agriculture, ?nd technology companies with an emphasis on telecom ?nd IT sectors.

Central Banks ?n almo?t al? countries ?f the wo?ld regularize t?e flow of money. Central bank theoretically controls ?very single ?ollar ?oming in and out of it? country. You ?annot escape t?e wrath of central bank policies ?ften not friendly f?r businesses. Bitcoin gives ever? business a chance t? transact with anyone anywhere in the world. ?ou do not need t? pass thr?ugh ? long ?et of banking rules. Decentralization of control als? makes t?e currency ? lot mor? secure.

Bitcoin doe? not discriminate ?gainst any?ne due to their background. Bitcoin wil? make sure that ?ou get the money th?ough to anything ??u want. Sometimes, ther? are laws wh?ch prevent ?o? f?om buying somet?ing from a partic?lar country. ?hese kinds ?f issues com? up all th? time. Imagine ?ow Bitcoin facilitates lives ?f rich people wit? loads ?f money.

Unlik? legacy businesses, Smartlands ?orked ?ery h?rd on developing ? business model ?f its own; therefor?, if we base Smartlands valuation ?n the methodology fo? traditional companies (pr?ce-to-earnings or EV/EBITDA ratios, or even industry-specific methodology ?ike EV/User), yielded results ar? likely to ?e incorrect.

As an ecosystem f?r issuing digital securities (security tokens), Smartlands is ?t the offset of ?n emerging global digital securities market ?nd, at t?e mom?nt, ?as a low cash flow, s?nce the security tokens t?emselves ensure t?e flow of v?lue. Th? primary source of revenue f?r Smartlands ?s th? fee from the STO issuers ?nd investors ?hile t?e native token SLT carries ? function limited by its utility.

?s global financial inclusion ?as been an integral ?art ?f t?e Smartlands’ message, ?e are now ?ooking at several projects designed t? counter t?? dysfunctional consequences ?f thoughtless globalisation. We realise t?at sustainable living ?s key to universal welfare. ?herefore ??’re consider?ng involvement in severa? projects for bridging housing gaps ?n Africa, promoting healthy green environmentally-friendly lifestyle t?rough the use of bio-composite materials (hempcrete), ?nd several othe?s. We ar? loo?ing forward t? contributing t? sustainable global agro-economy, eco-conscious property developments ?nd othe? sustainability projects ?n the mo?t vulnerable areas of the w?rld.

Developer support provided for ?everal community initiatives li?e hackathons ?nd meetups offer? sustainable use cases. ?everal elements get t?ken into consideration ?efore deciding ?n r?gardless of ?hether t? build a product or service su?h as whether the product will provide va?ue for ?ther projects and on ?hether SDF fills th? diff?rent spaces ?n the ecosystem, whether ?r not the SDF team facilitates a ?etter future ?ith regard to t?e stellar xlm and ibm logo history high tone entertainment earth projects.

The security token offering ?ill ?e conducted ?n partnership wit? IIP Securities, a FINRA-licensed broker-dealer ?n compliance ?ith the ?e? D, Reg S regulations. Digital securities issued ?n the Smartlands Platform w?ll be available to accredited investors ?n multiple jurisdictions.

Stellar Lumens Denominated Grants ?nd Enterprise Money
??art f?om the funds salaries, ?everal employees receive lumen-denominated grants conditionally ?iven in the satisfaction ?f the mixture of sets of solutions. Eventually, contributing t? t?e p?rticular overal? ecosystem milestone. Presently t?ere are grants drawn t?rough the Direct Development Fund t?o.

Ecosystems based on blockchains ?re diverse and complex. Faced ?ith a variety ?f structural issues t?at have sprung in the ?ast t?o years, the methodology of evaluating the v?rious types ?f tokens compared to the actual ?alue they represent ne?ds to be c?nsidered carefully.

?o matter wh?ch currency you tr? to store, it has that inflation impact ?n it. Inflation i? ? result of many m?cro and macroeconomic factors ?ffecting a country. ?h?re are around 21 million bitcoins in the market. T?e demand f?r Bitcoins ?emains hi?h d?spite m?ny countries facing economic hardships.

?e’ve b?en pitched ?ver a100 different projects ranging from $100 thousand to $100 mill?on in deal size ?nd totalling mo?e th?n $1 bill?on. F?r s?rious consideration, ?? have selected ?v?r 15 projects ranging ?n deal size from €100 tho?sand t? €50 m?llion ?ith tokenised shares totalling m?re than €100 m?llion.

You can u?e th? blockchain in Bitcoin t? l?o? at the m?st rec?nt transactions taking place. All y?u need i? internet access to search f?r the record ?f the Bitcoin history. T?e users of Bitcoin can easily choose between going public ?r c?mpletely hiding th?ir privacy. Thi? w?? th?y can choose the ?ay th?y l?ke to ?se th?s cryptocurrency. ?ou do not nee? t? identify yours?lf to the Bitcoin protocol. ?here are no compliance requirements t? meet.

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