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How To Avoid Plagiarism In Assignment Writing

by adam hebrew (2019-02-12)

Plagiarism is your biggest enemy when you are writing an assignment. Universities and colleges maintain strict regulations concerning plagiarism. It is considered as a grave offense in assignment help. You must avoid it at any cost.

If you do not wish to incur your professors’ wrath, Here are five simple ways to avoid plagiarism:

  • Keep track of sources: It is easier to keep track of your printed sources like books, journals and articles. But make sure you keep track of the digital resources. Save the PDF of an e-book or journal and put it into a folder in your computer where you can easily find it. Make sure that you keep the trail of your sources while assignment writing and revising.
  • Understand the sources: You must understand the context, both of the ideas within a source and of the source, and carefully consider the purpose in which the source will be used.
  • Don’t save citations for later: While writing an assignment, immediately add your citations in your notes, in your response paper, in your drafts and your revisions.
  • Paraphrase carefully: If you want to paraphrase a quotation, first paste the actual quotation into your notes and then start paraphrasing it. It will reflect your understanding on the matter.
  • Separate the notes from draft: Separating your research notes from the actual draft ensures that you don’t copy the language or tone from the resources.

If you follow these above guidelines, you will successfully avoid plagiarism in your work and impress your professors.

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