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Lucrative Profits

by Jeni Robert (2017-09-06)

When the river card falls and it is apparent that the players with drawing hands did not hit, a bluff often works. It is on the river that even weak players are more likely to follow the age-old advice that the moment you know you cannot win, throw in your cards. If the betting patterns show weakness, it is often profitable to bet strongly when holding a strong Ace or a low pair. Often, you will find some players staying in the hand with a busted draw because of their pot odds, while others feel pot committed in this situation. Just be aware that bluffing with a weak Ace here can be troublesome, because your opponent may have a better kicker or a slightly higher pair they felt was a loser, Lucrative Profits but that can beat the river bluff. One bluff that weak players often use far too frequently, especially in freerolls or in the initial stages of a multiple re-buy tournament, is the All-in bluff. With marginal hands at best, they try to steal blinds early in the seating. When they hold a poor hand, they are hoping for a miracle hit to double or triple up.

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