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Memory Hack

by willam princy (2019-01-07)

Unlike a broken leg or cancer you may feel better but you cannot Memory Hack Review stop the medication - it is just not that kind of disease. This is a stumbling block for people with bipolar. They have either been told or just think on their own that they should just be able to be stronger or they just think that since they feel better they must be better and not need that medication anymore. That is one of the biggest reasons that people struggle with this disease for ten to twenty years before they accept that medication is what makes them normal and that they are only crazy when they don't take their medicine. People who are bipolar are often in a life and death situation - it needs to be treated that way - they kill themselves when they are depressed and they kill themselves when they are manic usually as a result of risk taking behaviors. People who are bipolar need medication and they need it long term. People die of depression! Another big problem with bipolar is that it can take quite a while to get the medication right for any given client. Remember every one is different. However using a therapist in conjunction with the MD or Psychiatrist - someone who can help monitor and manage the medication and who has much more frequent contact with the client than the MD greatly shortens the zeroing in process.

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