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by willam princy (2019-01-09)

As the name may infer, the main difference between a Forex EA and a fully Crypto Nerdz Review automated Forex EA is that the fully automated EA will execute your trades as well. By using this "hands-free" approach you take all the emotion out of your trading. If the indicator and EA is good you can make great profits with this type of system. The only drawback is that these EAs don't take into consideration economic news releases and you should still keep an eye for your economic calendar to minimize your losses. As you can see, there is no real answer as to which system is better than the other. As an experienced trader with many hours, days, or even years using indicators, most probably the best option is to use a good chart provider and to use your own time-tested strategies. For a beginner to intermediate trader, the answer is not as clear. While, in the long run, developing your own trading strategies is best. The fact of the matter remain that most traders at these levels fail to make profits consistently and may be much better served using an establish Forex Expert Advisor while they test their own strategies.

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