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Final Survival Plan

by willam princy (2019-01-21)

Above all, never get into a car just because someone Final Survival Plan Reviewpoints a gun at you. Once you are in the car, you are under their control and as good as dead. You probably won't have a chance to run because they will have disabled the door handle so you can't just jump out. If someone is evil enough to kidnap you, they can't be trusted when they say "just come along and I won't hurt you." If you run, you have a very good chance that they won't shoot, but rather just drive away before you can call the police. If they do shoot, hitting a moving target is pretty difficult. Visit your local gun shop with a shooting range and you'll see that most target practice takes place at 15 to 25 feet for a reason - shooting a handgun accurately is much more difficult in real life than in Hollywood, even when the target isn't moving. If someone pulls a gun on you, give them your wallet, your purse or your keys, but don't give them yourself!

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