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Ez Battery Reconditioning

by willam princy (2019-05-23)

Did you know that your fridge wastes at least 30 kilo watts per Ez Battery Reconditioning Review hour of energy every month. This is because every time you open the door all that lovely cold air escapes. Down in the antipodeans an Australian inventor has created a top opening freezer into an incredibly efficient fridge. It only runs for a minute or two an hour to keep its temperature, this is because gravity leaves the cold air inside even if you leave the door wide open. Now we need a clever designer to build one where we can access all the food inside easily, sliding doors could be perfect for this.The average temperature of a house today is 22C, in the 1950's it used to be 18C. It seems our expectations are to happily walk around our house in t-shirts and socks. An extra layer and some warm slippers will not only help our environment but also our wallet. If you turn down your heating by 1 degree you will save yourself 3% of heating costs. Bring the temperature back down to 18C and you will save over 10% on your heating bills.

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