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Kachin Diabetes Solution Review

by willam princy (2019-05-24)

He was urinating, drinking and eating a tremendous amount. He didn't drink a normal Kachin Diabetes Solution amount of water, like a couple of cups of water a day, he was drinking over 15 glasses of water in one day. Urinating alot, at least 7 times in one night. I knew in my mommy heart that something was not right. For some reason, the first thing I did was research the word diabetes on the internet. I knew he had diabetes. I didn't know anything about Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes, or even that there was a Type 2 diabetes. I just knew that when I was teaching we were told to watch for kids that peed alot, because they may be developing diabetes. I'll get back to that load of misinformation that was laid on me, but in reality, that tidbit ultimately saved my son's life. I have since learned that polyuria, excessive urination and polydipsia, excessive thirst are common first signs of Type 1 diabetes. The typically appear when the person's blood sugar remains above 180 for a length of time. It is the body's natural mechanism of trying to rid the body of excessive sugar in the blood stream.

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