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Zenith Labs Bp Optimizer Review

by Jency William (2019-05-26)

Children with diabetes are sometimes Zenith Labs Bp Optimizer called juvenile diabetics. This type of diabetes is called type-1 diabetes. It's the most common form of diabetes in children, with the vast majority of them being aged 16 or younger. Juvenile diabetes is caused when the pancreas doesn't produce insulin. This is a disease of the autoimmune system. That means the body attacks its own tissues and organs. Much of our energy comes from insulin helping the body's cells use glucose. Blood sugar, or glucose, is produced from the food we ingest and also by our liver. The glucose builds up in the bloodstream if it isn't absorbed by the cells. When this happens it results in high blood sugar. Over time this uncontrolled blood sugar becomes toxic to the entire body. The past three decades has seen a significant increase in the number of children afflicted with diabetes. In the United States and Europe, type-2 diabetes is now being seen in children. This has never occurred before, and the reasons for it are not clear. Type-2 diabetes can easily be explained because of the rise in obesity. However, why children have this rise in type-1 diabetes is not understood at all. The current theory is that it has to do with genetics and changes in our environment. This is however still all speculation and the research is continuing. Children suffer the same symptoms for diabetes as adults. Rapid weight loss, significant increase in thirst, fatigue and increase in urination is not uncommon. It has also been noted that children have increased headaches, more stomach pains, and even suffer behavioral problems.

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