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Lutenol Review

by willam princy (2019-05-29)

Another difference is that the former surgery is suitable Lutenol for patients whose corneal tissues are to be cut a lot, while the latter only a little.Still, another difference is the thickness of corneal tissue flap, under which corneas are located. In the former surgery, the stroma tissue is treated, while the epithelial tissue is treated in the later surgery.Some investigations have revealed that LASIK surgery can make patients felt much better than LASEK, less pain and less discomfort. On the contrary, the LASEK surgery will lead to no complications in stromal flaps.If you are not sure about the two surgeries and you do not know which one fits you most, you can visit your eye doctors and consult some related matters with them. They can provide you the best solution for your eyes.It is rather a very innovative concept to have contact lens for night and day time and its popularity is growing day by day. The idea behind this type of lens is to use them 24 hours for the whole week but for only a period of month. These are affordable and comfortable in use. The popularity is growing so fast that around million of people are using them currently.

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