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The Truth About Increasing Semen Volume Naturally

by Sara Lopez (2018-07-29)

If you have never tried pills to increase semen volume then you'd never know what you are missing.

Besides their greatest benefit to increase sperm volume, they have many others that you might not be aware of:

+ Increased Sexual Desire

That's great for everybody - men for their enhanced libido and women for never be left unsatisfied by their partners.

+ Erections Like Steel - means harder and much longer erections

Say goodbye to weak erections and endless quarrels about how you don't have lust for her anymore. Extra semen volume pills will guarantee your partner's satisfaction every time you have sex.

+ More Staying Power

That is sure to give the most pleasure to your partner with your extra long erection - you will last times longer in bed.

+ Get Multiple Orgasms

Now you can also enjoy being multi-orgasmic - up to four orgasms in a row, for her - countless times.

+ Longer and Stronger Orgasms

The more the semen volume the longer the orgasm, as for the feeling it's great and you should experience it for yourself.

+ Sweeter Tasting Sperm

Extra sperm volume pills can improve your sperm flavor, so you don't need to eat a whole can of pineapples in order to achieve the same sweet taste.

+ Don't forget the most important benefit - increased sperm volume up to 500%. You will be able to produce enough semen to impregnate your girl (if you have planned it of course).

Can pills really help men treat low sperm count?

If you have problems with low semen volume then pills will be perfect for you. However, you should consult your physician first. You might need special treatment if the causes of low sperm count are genetic. In all other cases of low sperm count caused by temporary and lifestyle factors you can reduce their negative side effects...

Temporary causes of low sperm volume and what can you do to avoid their negative effects?

What can you do against everyday stress, high body fever, drugs, obesity, smoking, or tight clothing? Well, you can reduce your stress levels by having more sex. I am not kidding. Have rest and positive emotions more often (use the holidays to go on vacations and spend more quality time with your partner or family), have good night sleep, quit smoking, start a healthy diet, wear loose-fitting underwear, avoid sauna - too hot and unhealthy for your sperm count.


Re: The Truth About Increasing Semen Volume Naturally

by Sara Lopez (2018-07-29)

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