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by Shop Hoa Tuoi (2019-11-21)

Air transportation of Da Lat was conducted through Lien Khuong international airport and Cam Ly airport. Lien Khuong Airport is 28 km south of Da Lat city center, next to Highway 20, in Lien Nghia town, Duc Trong district.64 This airport was built by the French and put into operation in 2012. 1933, at that time, there was only a hard clay runway of 700 meters long.In contrast, the average temperature amplitude between the months of the year is small, the warmest and the coldest months are only 3.5 ° C.41. The length of days in seasons in Dalat is not much different. on average from 11 to less than 12 hours in the winter and over 12 hours in the summer.38 The total number of sunny hours in the year here is relatively high, about 2,258 hours a year, focusing mainly on December, January. , 2 and 3 of the dry season.42 The total amount of radiation income in Da Lat is about 140 kCalo / cm² / year, the most in April and at least in 8.38 If compared to the surrounding areas, the amount of solar radiation Da Lat is not high, but this is the main source of energy for heat exchange processes, bringing a relatively low and relatively mild background.43. The history of more than a century has also left the city a valuable architectural heritage, likened to a museum of European architecture in the 20th century. The rich natural and human resources help Dalat become a Among the famous tourist destinations of Vietnam, millions of tourists come and visit each year. In the first half of the 20th century, from a desolate location, the French planned and built a beautiful city with villas, offices, hotels and schools, a tourist and religious center. education of Indochina then. Experiencing the ups and downs of two wars and the difficult period of the 1970s and 1980s, Dalat today is a city of 211 thousand people, a first-class city directly under the province, playing a central role. politics, economy and culture of Lam Dong province.If you are busy, you are far away, you are afraid to buy flowers or you just want to give your loved one an interesting and romantic surprise, so that your joy and your loved ones will be fulfilled. You use the service of Viet My Fresh Flower Shop. Fresh flowers in District 1 delivered flowers for FREE in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, the fresh flower shop in District 1 is guaranteed to deliver the product to your request. If there is an emergency, please Please contact by phone, we are ready to make orders quickly and promptly upon request.

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