Vol 5, No 2

Spring / Summer 2013

Table of Contents


Desire Under the Plane Tree: The Fallacy of the Non-Lover and the Embodiment of Erotas in Plato?s Phaedrus PDF
Sarah L Snyder


A Critique of the Relationship between Scientific Cognitivism and Positive Aesthetics PDF
A. J. Fritz
The Politics of Interpretation: Art and Social Engagement in Cavell, Heidegger, and Thoreau PDF
Matt Hartman
Painting as Stylized Vision: The Movement of Invisibility in ?Eye and Mind? PDF
Tano S. Posteraro

Book Reviews

David Huron, Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation PDF
Andrea Lynne Nolen

Dissertation Abstracts

Public Sculpture Today as Object and Event: Experiencing Time and Activating Space PDF
Kasia Ozga


Noël Carroll PDF

Guest Artist

José Alejandro Rodriguez: Summer's End/Travel Issues 2014 PDF

ISSN: 1946-1879