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"Cookware is really a sexy category. We're seeing some very powerful development. We provide cookware a lot of exposure; we have moved it into the front of the store. Cookware was up for us all year and I expect it to be gangbusters for Christmas.

"This autumn, we are doing many kickers [where both the Vendor and retailer contribute to the advertising ]. here is source

"We are supplying kickers on items from Revere Professional and Magnalite Professional Stainless. Our hottest classes, so far, have been Fal Royale and Calphalon and we expect this to continue this fall.

"We are also operating two promotions together with Calphalon. The Company is supplying its Teatime marketing, where its teakettle is packaged in a Christmas box with a jar of tea and jelly. Additionally, we are running a particular value on their stir fry work.

"We have started doing our presentations, primarily all of That are completed in the fourth quarter. Starting the first week of November until the week before Christmaswe conducted two presentations weekly on Saturday and Sunday."

Cookware purchaser,

East Coast department shop

"Our cookware business has Been magnificent. August has been a enormous victory for us, more than last year. Our business is up more than 25% from last year and that I really don't see why it will not last like that.

"Nonstick cookware for example Anolon And Circulon is doing well. We only earned Stainless by Calphalon and that is doing unbelievable. We are also adding to our stainless line this autumn with the addition of All Clad's stainless.

"We're also adding a few new introductions. It's Important to make new products. It makes the section exciting and it keeps things fresh and new on the sale floor.

"We do demonstrations year round, however we double the sum Throughout the fourth quarter. Demonstrations help sell products"

Cookware purchaser,

East Coast department shop

"With regards to hot items in the fourth quarter, I would say that T fal are my most hottest. I've got the white and black Royale along with the green Versailles. The green Versailles has been moving. I'm also carrying their pressure cooker plus a 3 piece skillet set, both of which do very well.

"Calphalon has also been very hot and I expect that to Carry over into the fourth quarter. I am running a big advertising on Calphalon at November. I am also have Ann McCarthy of all Calphalon come in November for at shop cooking demonstrations.

"I will also be advertising that the most Loving Food Cook Book [the One dedicated to the memory of Ron Kasperzak, creator of Commercial Aluminum Cookware] through the advertising. The present things from Calphalon are exactly what I expect to move in the fourth quarter. The Royal stir shop for $19.99 should do really well because it is a great gift item. I conducted a promotion recently that provided clients a free apron, potholder and mitt if they purchased $100 or more worth of Calphalon. Plenty of people came in and purchased five solo stir frys. I guess that they had been doing their holiday shopping early.  more tip

"In stainless, I take the two Farberware and Revere. Revere Has two new smaller collections per four piece skillet set plus a six piece saucepan place that should make excellent presents. Farberware comes with an eight bit set that I'm offering using a lien. I will also be supplying both brands in an extensive open stock program from the fourth quarter"

Cookware buyer,

Major department store

"We are a moderate Kind of store and the thing that constantly Sells and is a number one priority is Revere and Farberware. It's the foundation of the section. That's what we consistently promote in the fall because our customers buy Revere and Farberware. We're running available stock price point ads, percentage offs and places. We are also doing a Farberware stitch in. We anticipate this to be very popular because it's done well and proceeds to do so.

"We are just Beginning to Create stainless steel in the High end and carry three additional lines. We'll be demonstrating them throughout the peak traffic hours major store sales and will have strong store promotions."

Bill Snyder, President William Glen

"It's really been a very, very good year despite all the things Happening, like the recession and the Persian Gulf War. Housewares earnings have all been on a significant increase and we expect that we're going to conclude this season with even more aggressive growth."

Jeanne Hubbard, Demonstration Coordinator, Lazarus

"Cooking demonstrations Are Extremely important for our Housewares area only because they bring the region to life. Ten of our stores have full kitchen demonstration regions and we have events scheduled during the fourth quarter, however it is really a continuous program. , how to find infor

"We've got three full time demonstrators, each with their own Shop.

"When we've got larger events such as a seminar or in store Demonstrations performed with our providers, these people can be on hand to assist Coordinate the function. They are also very helpful in training our sales Associates and making them comfortable with the products we take."

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