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The Legend of Zelda - The Legend of Role-playing game

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto is known as a legendary game maker. His ideas for The Legend of Zelda are still being studied by global game developers for years. Each version of Zelda is a combination of a thousand unique ideas that players always engage. 

Brief introduction 
To be one of Top role playing games The Legend of Zelda focuses on Link's journeys and adventures. Link is the hero who saves Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule from the devil Ganon - the game's main villain. However, depending on the period, the other villains also appear. 
Since the original The Legend of Zelda was released in 1986, the series has expanded to 19 versions on all of Nintendo's major gaming machines, not to mention spin-off versions. An American cartoon series based on The Legend of Zelda was also aired in 1989. Until now, The Legend of Zelda is one of the Nintendo's most famous brand. 

Main characters 
Link - The hero carries many aliases
Link is the name young heroes whose mission is to rescue the world through different ages. In most of The Legend of Zelda versions, the player can give Link another name before starting the adventure, and he will be called by that name by the NPCs throughout the journey. Links often have different nicknames for each version, such as "Hero of Time", "Hero of the Winds" or "Hero chosen by the gods". Link never says a word, but only shouts. Although the player does not see Link's lines, the conversations between the characters in the game and Link still take place, indicating that he is not really dumb. Link is shown as a silent main character so that the audience can have their own thoughts about how Link will answer NPCs instead of a script created before. This idea is very popular in today's RPG games.
Ganon - the last villain 
Ganon, also known as Ganondorf in human form, is the main villain and the last boss in most The Legend of Zelda versions. Ganondorf is the leader of an cruel army called Gerudo, consisting of female warriors and only one man who was born every 100 years. Ganon is significantly larger than other NPCs, but his appearance will vary slightly between versions. His specific motive is also the same. Generally, he wants to kidnap Princess Zelda and plans to dominate Hyrule. Ganon possesses one piece of Triforce of Power and often urges himself to win the remaining 2 pieces. More details are available at Apk browser for downloading apps and games - Top1apk
Zelda - the supportive Princess 
Zelda is the princesses of the Hyrule kingdom. Through various eras, she plays a role as the guardian of Triforce of Wisdom. While most versions require Link to rescue Zelda from Ganon, sometimes she helps Link in many battles, using magic power and Light Arrows weapons. 

Final lines...
If you want to know more about The Legend of Zelda’s gameplay and other The best Role playing games, please read on our next article. 

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