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First of all, Avtech camera has immediate advantages in good brand name and is famous in distributing high quality CCTV products. Avtech - Top 30 leading security equipment manufacturers with a variety of camera and video recorders, integrating many advanced technologies. If you are choosing for yourself a good brand, Avtech will definitely be the choice of other customers when suggesting to you.

l?p camera qu?n bình tân

Camera using infrared leds, saving energy. You won't need to turn on the night light for the camera. LED lights used in infrared cameras have a higher life expectancy than using incandescent lamps as in conventional cameras. Camera equipped with LEDs can extend the usage time to 1,000,000 hours.

- Infrared camera is integrated in both indoor and outdoor cameras, so it is very convenient for users. Just need to choose the right lap dat camera

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