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In addition to parents, teachers are people with great merit, nurturing us to be human. Teachers are the ones who lead us on our own life paths, who fill up our knowledge, so that we can fly high, fly far and practice our cherished dreams. Every school year ends, people still call their teachers the ferryman. Not only that, every ferry trip to the dock is always full of gratitude, bringing much nostalgia and attachment. Teachers are our 2 nd father, mother 2, teaching us lots of things in life. Teachers tell us what is difficult in life, how to overcome and beat all challenges. Teachers are the talented drivers, helping us to overcome all the stumbles in the road of life.

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We know that every passing day means the time spent with teachers will be shorter. It was like a dream, coming and going again. The time we spent with teachers was the time when our world changed and shaped us little by little on the education street. The teachers taught us how to be respectful, how to behave properly. Then day by day, fostering the ladder of knowledge. From a strong point, a good idea to a small mistake, once not in the lesson, teachers pay attention to praise or retell. Each day, each day brings us to the peak of our knowledge and with a beautiful tomorrow.

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Therefore, we are very proud to be a pupil's teacher, not only taught every inch, but also receive countless love. Because the teacher is not merely a teacher, an aunt but also a father and mother. After the gloomy lessons, the wise teachers made us laugh and chat, helping us solve the problems in our heart. We will always be grateful to the teachers and will determine to study well in order to repay the teachers' great teachers. Our affection for teachers will never change. We promise to strive to make our teachers feel proud of us. Please believe in us!

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